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SPOILER ALERT: What Just Happened in Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 Finale?!

Everyone remembers the attempted escape in early Season 2, right? There was a lot of potential for failure and the stakes were extremely high! Everything could have gone wrong. However, the finale episode came as a surprise to anyone who has watched the show. June’s plan actually worked!

All actions come with consequences, though. A lot of Marthas and Handmaids were left behind even after the plane carrying 52 kids took off. June was shot to guarantee the children’s safe passage. The most shocking twist was definitely when Fred outs Serena to Tuello!

The new boss is June!

We all speculated that Commander Lawrence had a role to play in Eleanor’s death, last week. However, it turned out to be a moot point in the finale. Martha was caught fleeing in fear and Lawrence tried to shut the entire operation down. However, June refused to accept defeat.


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When Lawrence played the ‘this is my house card’, June replies with, “You really think this is still your house?” Well, ouch. She is the boss now, leading the children, Marthas and handmaids. She even takes one for the team to distract the Gilead’s soldier. In the opening voice over, June says ‘To the ruthless go the spoils’ and well, her ruthlessness finally worked in her favor.

Serena is finally arrested!

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Outing Serena to Tuello was definitely a major plot twist. Waterford continued to be a villain in most of season 3. Fred revealed to Tuello that all of Serena’s choices in Gilead were not necessarily made under duress or the threat of violence. She is finally arrested for her voluntary crimes. She should not have gotten too comfortable with her legal immunity!

Interview of Elizabeth Moss

When asked by A. V. Club, she chose actions over intentions. June-Lawrence scenes and their arc were the most interesting to her. She also drew similarities between the way she dealt with Serena Joy (Season 2) and with Lawrence. Apart from answering the season’s big questions, she tells what it’s like being one of the internet’s best-beloved GIFs.

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