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Police Officer Shot Two Dogs; Just To Make Their Owners Down To The knees.

A police officer from Tinton Falls in major trouble due to the shooting of a dog and holding a father and daughter at gunpoint.

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The Victims 

Roberton Fullerton and his daughter Bobbi Rene Fullerton allegedly faced a scary encounter with the Tinton Fall, police officers.

The Tinton Falls police officer used excessive force when he held them at gunpoint and shot their two German shepherds, killing one outside their Green Grove Road home.

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The police officer in questions is Adrian Reyes, whom several officers referred to only as “John Does”.

Planning To Sue

The Fullertons claim their civil rights were violated. “They were victims of excessive force. The two were held at gunpoint by this officer (Reyes). They were scared out of their minds. The whole thing was very traumatic,” the Fullerton’s attorney Thomas J. Mallon told the Asbury Park Press.

Roberton Fullerton and his daughter Bobbi Rene Fullerton are suing Police Officer Adrian Reyes, Police Chief John Scrivanic and Tinton Falls.

The Records Say Otherwise

According to federal court records, though, the defendants deny all allegations except that Robert Fullerton did comply with an order from Reyes “to get to the ground by getting on his knees.”

Reyes arrived at their house because of a 911 call, which said the father and daughter were fighting. Bobbi Fullerton was a juvenile at the time which is why the arguing caught peoples attention.

The incident occurred Oct. 8, 2017. The suit was filed in November the following year.

According to the lawsuit, there was no physical assault, and before any officers arrived, Robert Fullerton received a phone call. Tinton Falls Police Officer Lt. Kyle Pearson is apparently a long-time friend of Robert’s. The officer called to make sure everything was okay.

According to the lawsuit, Fullerton told Pearson that everything was all right and that he had just been arguing with his daughter. Pearson then tried to notify responding officers that “no assault had occurred,” at the Fullerton’s house.

However, the case has not ended yet. Instead, both parties are telling their side of the events that occurred that day. With no conclusive evidence, it is hard to say whether the father and daughter will win the lawsuit.

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