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Never Thought, Toughest Man Of All ‘The Rock’ Will Express His Feelings Like This…

Simone Alexander Johnson is the eldest daughter of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his ex-wife Dany Garcia. Although she is the daughter of one of the biggest, most famous movie stars around, she has made a name for herself in the fashion industry. She is a well-known model in the fashion business and is quite popular on social media as well with about 305.6k followers on Instagram alone.

The Soft Side of The Rock

A lot of us grew up watching The Rock beat up fellow wrestlers to a pulp in the World Wrestling Entertainment. Macho-man of all time, who seemed to not only care about But also proving himself as the strongest of wrestlers.

As the years went by, we started seeing a different side of him. He started acting in movies, and not just action movies. He starred in many comedy movies as well. This was a completely different side of him we had never seen. He was not just a butch man after all. As it turns out, he had a funny side to him as well.

But now it is pretty clear that he is a modern man, who is well-rounded in many aspects. Not only is he a wonderful man and one of our all-time favorite wrestlers, but also a doting and sentimental father.

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His latest Instagram post says all there is to say about his fatherhood. You can check out the post below;

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Happy 18th birthday to my #1 first born daughter, SGJ ??? This pic of me holding your hand in the hospital was taken years ago when you were a child and you were knocked out ? from the anesthesia after surgery. Just me and you alone in the room, kid. I knew then you’d never have a recollection of this moment, but I wanted to take this image for what I felt then and what I feel now it represents. As you go out and tackle this big ol’ world with your dreams, ambitions and hard work, the love you’re able to see daily will always guide you. It’s your strength. But remember it’s ALSO the love you never see thats quietly guiding and boundlessly supporting you every step of your journey’s way. From us loved ones who are still here, to your loved ones who aren’t. That love is your MANA. Your spirit, your soul. A big tequila toast to my #1 (who does NOT drink so her father will drink for the both of us ??) and have the happiest of birthdays, SGJ. We love you. #quietlove?

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The post is a photograph of him holding Simone’s tiny hands from 18 years ago. It is plain to see from his written words that Simone had to go through some sort of surgery at a very young age. We can only imagine what hell Dwayne must have gone through back then.

His relief and joy at her safety after the surgery is quite clear too. It is heart-warming to see he had the presence of mind to click this photo back then, but you can understand his need to treasure such a moment forever. All we can say is he not only makes the best action movies but also makes for the best dad in Hollywood!

As for Simone, she is well and thriving. She recently graduated High-school and plans on continuing her studies at the New York University.

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