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Mum’s Horrific Discovery Turned Comic Mishap!!

Whether you are a parent or not, this incident will surely make your day! Sydney is a mother of two and has a page on Facebook where she posts some quite relatable and hilarious memes and pictures and status. She often posts incidents involving her children.

Recently she shared something that involved her daughter, Blakey and the incident will surely take you by surprise. The incident involves ice cream!

Mother’s Horror Discovery Turned Comic Mishap :

Sidney decided to buy her daughter a McDonald’s ice cream cone. As usual her daughter, Blakey returned the ice cream to her mother. The ice cream was half licked and Blakey was clearly not interested in the ice cream anymore. The mother joked about the situation. She said how this is quite relatable as most of the parent ends up eating the food that their children were supposed to eat! But this is not even close to what actually happened!

Mother – Daughter Comic Interplay :

While eating the ice cream, the daughter looked quite worried. When Sidney asks her what is wrong, the daughter in a worried expression asks,” Is it okay?”. Sidney felt an instant drop in her tummy.

The mother of two instantly understood that something is wrong but failed to decode the mystery. The daughter after much suspense finally said, ” I accidentally wiped my butt with it.” This incident went viral in no time.

How Everyone Else Could Relate To It .

All parents could relate to this incident immediately. Some even shared their own incidents with their little ones. While some mothers shared an incident where the little one made a mishap between chocolate and well poop!! The other could not do anything but both laugh and appreciate Blakey’s innocence. Let us all share a laugh or two on this cute little munchkin’s actions. Perhaps she considered her butt wiping action more important than eating the ice cream! Only a five-year-old can create such a funny story over an ice cream. It is definitely not easy to raise kids and food items are definitely not safe kids anymore!




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