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Money Heist Season 3 Ending Explained!! Season 4 Spoilers

Money Heist, a Spanish language crime drama is probably one of the best and successful original Netflix show. The bold story filled with excellent acting and cleverly scripted moments had its third season in July. It ended with a cliffhanger and without a doubt left the viewers with many unanswered questions. Fan’s are eagerly waiting for the next season

A Glimpse Into The Story So Far

The first two seasons consist of one heist, which is carried out by a team eight people led by a mysterious man named “The Professor”. The red jumpsuit team is named after different capitals of the world. Their goal is to enter the Royal Mint of Spain and print £2.4 billion. Season 1 is all about the planning and the actual entry that they make, followed by season 2 where the heist finally comes to an end.

The original gang of thieves reunites to steal gold bars from the Bank of Spain in the third season. Not only does El Professor reunite everyone but they also try to destroy those who are hunting them. At this time, the plan is to draw the Panama authorities.

What Really Happened to Nairobi (Spoilers Ahead)

Undoubtedly, the third season was filled with so much tension and emotional moments. The season consisted of eight episodes and was released on July 19th. According to some, this was the best season opener they have ever seen. But, the situation takes a sad turn when one of the beloved red-suited characters falls in danger.

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In the eighth episode in an emotional scene, it is revealed that her son was taken away from her. Nairobi then receives a call from Alicia, director of the police operation. She reveals that her son is with her. To prove that she is telling the truth she draws Nairobi to the window and then shoots her with a sniper. A cliffhanger at its finest, fans are eager to know the fate of Nairobi played by Alba Flores.

Nevertheless, creator Alex Pina has confirmed that they are gearing up for a follow up to the third season. The fourth season of La Casa De Papal on Netflix is certain.

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