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Kodak Black Tweets Apology To Yung Miami But Then Deletes It!!

Our last news, on Yung Miami and 14 shots, has shown a new development. Rapper Kodak Black has come forward and apologized to her for his infamous jail rap. But quickly deleted it too! He tweeted, “As I Sit Back I Realize How Petty That Move Was And As A Man It’s Certain Things We Refrain From.” This apology was for both Yung Miami, and rapper Southside.

Why Kodak is linked in the Yung Miami’s case?

Last week pregnant Yung Miami was shot at 14 times when she was leaving a recording studio. Nobody knows who is behind this act, but there is suspicion on Black.

Kodak Black, an ex-boyfriend of Yung Miami, is locked up and facing charges for illegally keeping a gun. He released a rap from inside the jail which is a diss-track for Miami. He dissed Miami for having another rapper’s baby (read rapper Southside) while they were in a relationship. He rapped that he will ‘punch Miami in the stomach.’

The next day, after this rap was uploaded on social media the shooting incident happened. Miami was driving alone and could not see her shooters. She narrowly escaped the attack but the car was heavily damaged. Though Miami assured her fans that she and her baby was safe, everybody was worried for her as the attackers were roaming free. The police are investigating the case. However, they dismissed any involvement of Black.

Is Black behind the attack on Miami?

The social media was alight with comments. Most of the comments suggested Black’s name. So, Kodak Black tweet was a surprise. He not only apologized but also wished Miami and rapper Southside best of luck.

He wrote that he would pray for a healthy baby and prosperous life for them. It looks like Kodak has finally forgiven Miami and is ready to move on life.

A new twist in the case

It looks like the matter is finally over but wait. A new twist has come in the story. Shortly after tweeting apology it was deleted, which created suspicion. Fans are coming up with different reasons behind this. One reason could be that the tweet didn’t sound like Kodak, it could be written by his PR team. When fans mentioned this, the team realized their mistake and quickly deleted it. Or, it is possible that maybe Kodak changed his mind. Whatever the reasons may be, it has created a new interest in the case and we can’t wait for Miami’s response to this.

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