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Jughead Jones To Be Played By Dylan Sprouse Instead Of Cole Sprouse

TV’s favorite twin brothers are back on the lines with a brand new revelation. The Sprouse brothers have been stealing hearts a long time now. It all began around 2005 but the two brothers were on the screen even before that.

Sprouse Brothers’ Career Timeline

The two have had a really bumpy career till now. They began with shows like Grace Under Fire. Cole played Ben in the 90’s sitcom Friends.

Although, their real big break was Big Daddy, with Adam Sandler. But out of all that, we can’t forget the most hilarious and cool show they starred in, Zack And Cody.

Later on, the two brothers took a break in 2008 to focus on their education and now they are back up again. With Cole as Jughead Jones in Netflix’s original Riverdale and Dylan working on some indie films and featuring in a music video with Camilla Cabello.

Cole’s Interview With Variety

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In an edition of “Power of Young Hollywood” of Variety, Cole had a candid conversation about how he and his brother rose to fame, their life at NYU, and so on.

Cole says it was not easy for them in college because of them being public figures. The two had to face rigorous consequences due to rumors and gossip-mongering. “And since I’d been homeschooled, I had no idea what it was like to interact with other people socially” Cole added.

An Important Revelation

In the same interview, when the 27-year-old actor was asked about whether he and his brother would be sharing a screen together anytime soon, he said he would enjoy that very much. With that, he also said that the “kitschy twin thing” won’t work anymore. But he would be happy to work with Dylan Sprouse if anything interesting comes up.

However, before having them share the screen we might get to see them swap roles in the fourth season of Riverdale. Yes, Cole hinted towards that himself and was quoted in Variety as follows:

“To be honest, I think there could be a Riverdale without every single one of our characters. And then we will appear as ghosts, or our twins will take our place.”

What Cole means by that is up to his fans to decide. But this is where the conclusion stands for now.

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