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Is Josh Kloss Doing A Publicity Stunt? He Accuses Katy Perry for Sexual Assault

The very famous American singer-songwriter. Katy Perry, star of her music video ‘Teenage Dream’ was a huge hit back in 2010. It became one of the top songs on the US Billboard 200 Chart and sold a total of 192,000 copies on the first week itself.

Co-Star Model Josh Kloss

The small-time American actor-model Josh Kloss. The co-star of Katy’s music video ‘Teenage dream’ has a small fan following of 33k followers on Instagram and is believed to have become famous unexpectedly after he accuses on Katy Perry. Also taking into account of Katy Perry’s huge fan following of 84.3m fans on her Instagram, and considering that she was known to all after being one of the top American Singer and Songwriter

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The Accuse

A roller rink party recently hosted by stylist Johnny Wujek. Was attended by Josh Kloss and Katy Perry in which Josh is believed to have accused Katy of assaulting him by pulling out his Adidas Sweats and underwear to show some of her male friends. However, Josh Kloss was not happy and felt humiliated by posting about this on his Instagram, saying that it’s not always females who face an assault but also males, which basically makes him want a stand for the male gender. Josh was also reported to have brought a friend who wanted to meet Katy Perry as he was a huge fan.

Business Relations

Josh Kloss further said that he didn’t speak of it initially. Because he wanted to maintain business relationships with Katy, and also further said that he had kind of a crush on her. Josh and Katy hugged a few times during the party, Josh reported. One of the things that hurt him hard was Katy on pulling his underwear, showed her guy friends his penis too.

Katy hasn’t brought this to light yet on her Instagram but Josh has and the recent screenshot that he posted was about Instagram trying to block some of his pictured because of nudity. In the comments section, people seem to blame society and Josh captions his allegations as just that ‘females with power are just disgusting’.

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