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Final Trailer Dropping Tomorrow With Upcoming Twist; 13 Reasons Why Season 3

13 Reasons Why is back for season 3! The hugely popular drama series has been renewed for its third season as you may already know. The show took the world by storm when it first released on Netflix. Now it features among the most popular shows around the world. So it is no surprise the third installment in the series is highly anticipated.

When Is It Coming Out?

Fans do not have to wait too long now for the third season in this popular Drama series. Netflix has recently announced it will be out on Netflix on August 23. It will feature the usual 13 episodes, all released on the same day.

What To Expect From Season 3

The season 2 ended with Clay convincing Tyler Down to refrain from seeking revenge on his bullies by shooting them in school. We also saw Bryce Walker get off easy after the trial concludes. He only got 3-months probation for his crimes. This was a conscious effort on part of the showrunners. “I always knew Bryce was going to get off easy because this show is kind of a reflection of reality and reality sucks sometimes,” explained Justin Prentice, the actor who plays Bryce on the show.


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The trailer for the season 3 of the series was quite shocking in itself. It reveals the direction the third part is going to take up and it is a shock all right! You can check out the trailer here:


As you may have seen, the trailer reveals the death of Bryce Walker with a question tag “Who Killed Bryce Walker?” the series seems to be heading in a slightly new direction. This seems like an organic evolution of the series.

Bryce Walker certainly has his share of enemies; he is a bully and a villainous character who has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. But who killed him? Who was pushed well over the edge to take matters into their own hands and murder Bryce? Well we are about to find out soon enough.

So hold on till August 23 and all will be revealed! I for one cannot wait to binge on the new season.

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