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Donald Trump Helped A$AP Rocky To Escape 6 Years Of Jail Time! Is This Justice?

It is official as of 14 August that, A$AP Rocky will not be serving the jail time that a regular person would if they were involved in the same assault as him. Why? Well, the reasons are complicated to understand.


Why Was He On Trial?

In his tour in Europe, he was reportedly found misbehaving and assaulting a couple of guys who he claimed were stalkers. A$AP Rocky said that the two people in question had been following him in Stockholm, Sweden. This was captured in a video released by TMZ.

Later, Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Mayers said in his Instagram that he is innocent and later he pleaded not guilty. He had been kept detained in solitary confinement according to his then-lawyer, Henrik Olsson Lilja. Rocky had been ordered to stay in Stockholm’s detention center for at least two weeks. And meanwhile, he had been canceling all the pre-planned shows all over Europe.

TMZ’s Viral Video

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TMZ is famous for the paparazzi videos it releases. This time it was the attack Rocky and his friends Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers. The group gets into an argument first inside a cafe and then they bring it out on the street. The victim(s) claim that they reacted back and threw headphones at the rapper just for the purposes of self-defense.

The Judgement

After a long and controversial series of hearings, some prominent politicians commented. For instance, the US State Department spokesperson told Politico, ” There are certainly some facts about the arrest that raise concerns. We expect all governments, including Sweden to treat American citizens fairly with respect.”


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On August 2, the prosecutor asks for a six-month-long sentence in Rocky’s trial but the judge intern orders the group of three men to be freed. They were also given permission to leave Sweden. In a sudden turn of events on August 14, he is found guilty. But he doesn’t have to serve his time in prison reason being his time in solitary confinement was adequate. All he needs to do right now is pay compensation to Mustafa Jafari, the accused.

Who Is Supporting Him?

Justin Beiber, Shawn Mendes, Nicki Minaj, Post Malone are a few of the celebrities who took to Twitter to express their support and sympathy for the 30-year-old rapper.

They believe every individual must get an opportunity to represent themselves fairly and be treated with respect.

President Donald Trump has also taken a special interest in this case and has been firing insulting tweets at the Swedish government. The riff-off is hot right now. Does he have a special hand in helping Rocky escape the 6 years of punishment?

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