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Disney Starlet Bella Thorne Makes Directorial Debut On Pornhub!

Let’s just say that the child-model has come a long way since Shake it up. Well, she has gone a full one-eighty. Her career couldn’t’ have moved further from its Disney origins. The Famous in Love star announced her scandalous new project on a promotional video this Tuesday. She said that she initially thought of creating a Christmas horror movie. Instead, she made a ‘beautiful, ethereal, neon’ film that happens to be X-rated.

What is ‘Him & Her’ about?

According to Thorne, her porno explores the fight for dominance in a relationship between a male and a female. In the film, adult entertainers, Abella Danger and Small Hands, could switch off between being dominant and submissive. Vice president of Pornhub, Corey Price, called it a sexually explicit depiction of two star-crossed lovers with unbridled longing. He praised the creativity and imagination that Bella has put into the artsy skin flick.

In the trailer, a Google search is read by Hands on his girlfriend’s phone about how to kill her boyfriend and get away with it. Then the film cuts to quite heavy petting and the two licking a knife.  He is consumed by the thought that Abella is trying to kill him and hence, a power struggle over a knife takes place. She follows rapper Young M.A. and singer-rapper Brooke Candy in the film series. The film depicts a dangerous and reckless kind of love that transcends space and time.


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Coming out as pansexual

While discussing her new book in an interview, Life of a Wannabe Mogul, Thorne came out as a pansexual last month. She had first come out as bisexual in 2016 but later said, “You like what you like.” This sexual identity on the spectrum is explicitly inclusive of all genders, regardless of someone’s gender orientation, sexuality or identity.

The girl has already shed the skin she wore during her Disney days. She says that many view porn in a negative light. To her, it is just another genre or medium to tell a story. She is sorry for those who feel uncomfortable about porn. However, they have no right to make those who are okay with it uncomfortable.

Him & Her will debut next month at Germany’s Oldenburg Film Festival. It will then become available to Pornhub Premium subscribers.


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