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A Man Abuses Girlfriend And Chokes His Cat With Meth!!

In a bizarre incident, a man forcibly chocked his cat with meth! This news has come from New Mexico where Aaron Spaulding, 39, was arrested for animal cruelty. He was arrested on June 4 but came out on bail on June 24. On Tuesday he was again sent to Jail after his animal cruelty surfaced. Aron Spaulding was arrested after complaints of domestic violence with his girlfriend. He would often beat her and held her captive against her will. He even stole her phone. After his arrest, his male cat was sent for examination.

Although, He was out on bail but his cat’s positive result changed the whole story. His charges of animal cruelty were changed into a felony. His cat is facing serious neurological problems and has been adopted at a caring home. The police reported that he not only physically abused his girlfriend but his cat too. He would squeeze his cat until he screamed. For now, he is under arrest by the Las Cruces Police Department.

Increase in animal cruelty cases

Although, This is one of the few incidents where animal cruelty is reported. Mostly, instances of animal cruelty go unnoticed. Pet animals are common victims. It is our responsibility to not only give love and care to our pets but also watch for others. According to a report, 250,000 animals fall victim to abuse every year in the USA. Around 115 million animals are killed in laboratory experiments worldwide every year for medicine,cosmetics, and food testing.

Ways to help animals

There are various things we can do to stop animal cruelty. If you see someone abusing or neglecting their pets, immediately inform the local animal control. Scientists have found a direct link between animal cruelty and domestic abuse. Reporting an animal abuse could open a door to more help for a family. Moreover, You can also volunteer to help animals by becoming a foster parent to an animal. A foster parent temporarily keeps an animal until it finds a home or recovers its trauma.

However, Make people aware of the cause. The more help we can get the better. The best way to start is with children. Ask people to terminate their hunting license and contribute to animal homes. But most importantly, respect animals as equal roommates on Earth.

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