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“THEY ARE MORE THAN FRIENDS” Proves Shawn, Camilla And Their PDAs…

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have been making headlines a long time now. Specifically after the release of a very hot music video for their hit song, Señorita.

When Did Shawmila Become A Thing?

The rumors of them dating started when the two worked together for their other hit song “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, in 2015. She told the Rolling Stone that she was very lucky to be a part of the song as she got a really good friendship out of that. So, just friendship?

They first met on a tour in 2014, and recently Camila told V Magazine that she knew she wanted to hang out with Shawn but he was always busy learning guitar on the bus. People have been shipping them for years and years on a low key. But is it official now?

Lately, they got so hyped especially after Camila broke up with her long term boyfriend, Mathew Hussey. The break up leads people to believe that Shawn and Camila are a thing now.

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Even though the two of them have reserved their silence and dodged questions regarding their affair, there are several bits and pieces that will make you believe that they are more than “just” friends.


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The Viral Kiss

A clip of the two kissings was all over the internet about a month back. Isn’t it evidence enough to know that they are a couple now? Over the 4th of July holiday, the two were spotted together getting cozy and walking around hand in hand.

Fans also spotted them on a cruise. It was reported that the two laced their fingers and looked into the ocean. Camilla was seen laughing a lot and that they rarely mingled with the others present around. Still not together?

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And almost every week a new photograph of the two gets out and they are all over each other. Their cute PDA has broken the internet into half.

Featuring On Each Other’s IG

A few weeks ago, Camilla posted an Instagram story of the crowd at Shawn Mendes’ concert. She wrote “@shawnmendes you couldn’t be more amazing, wow” with a heart emoji. And after that “you’re unreal”.

In some unreleased pictures taken by a paparazzi, they were reportedly having brunch together and Camilla had her hand on Shawn’s head. After which the two took a romantic stroll. This is a week after Shawn shook his head when he was asked whether he was dating Camilla.

Maybe he changed his mind in a week. Or maybe they have been dating for a long time. Whatever the duration be, there are enough shreds of evidence to prove that they are in a full-fledged relationship. And we are happy for the duo.

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