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Sydney Man Stabs Women & Civilians Bravely Restrain Him!!

A horrific incident in central Sydney resulted in a death and another injury. The 21-year-old culprit comes from Marayong in western Sydney. He was wielding a butcher’s knife with which he reportedly stabbed two women. One of the women has passed away following her stab wounds.

What Happened?

The suspect stabbed a 41-year-old woman on the busy street corner of Clarence and York. The woman suffered a single stab wound in the back and was taken to the hospital for treatment. The injury is non-fatal and she is expected to recover fairly soon. He was in a disturbed state of mind as he was seen fearlessly running around the busy street, brandishing his knife. The suspect proceeded to attack other passersby at random. He is also suspected to be behind the murder of another 21-year-old woman found in an apartment in Clarence street. She was found dead due to multiple stab wounds, an hour after the 21-year-old offender was arrested.

“All the information we have at hand would link these two crimes,” police commissioner Mick Fuller said.

Terrorism Or Mental Issues?

The offender was carrying a USB drive, which contained documents of terrorist ideologies. It detailed the mass terrorist attacks, including the ones in New Zealand and North America. Video footage shows the man jumping on a car and shouting “shoot me in the head” and “Allahu Akbar” at people. However, the man was acting alone and not on a terrorist agenda according to the police. “His history is unremarkable compared the gravity of his crimes,” said Mick Fuller, the New South Wales police commissioner.

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Brave Civilians

The offender was apprehended by the members of the public near Wynyard station, using chairs and a milk crate, which was also captured in the video footage. There were three British men among those who restrained the culprit. The offender suffered minor injuries as well when he was pinned down by the civilians. He will be booked at the police station with the murder and assault charges after he is treated at the hospital.

Superintendent Gavin Wood praised the bystanders who jumped in to restrain the man before he could hurt anyone else. He branded them as “significantly brave people.”


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