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George Clooney Had A Sex-Act With Jeffrey Epstein’s Ex-Lover!!

You heard it right. The next person being pulled into this mess is George Clooney. And the reason he’s being brought into all this is not so Clooney like.

Who named him?

George’s name was taken by Virginia Giuffre in a manuscript of her memoirs released by the New York Court. Virginia was one of Epstein’s sex slaves.

Ghislaine Maxwell gave Clooney what?

Ghislaine Maxwell is Epstein’s ex-lover who was also accused of recruiting young girls for the pervert. Virginia said, that Maxwell boasted about her time with Clooney during a trip in 2001 when she first met Prince Andrew, Epstein’s friend.

Virginia said that Maxwell loved to boast about her rendezvous with various lovers. “ Once she came back giddy as a schoolgirl with an explosion of news, with all that build-up and excitement in her voice you’d think she was the next crown princess, but she had given George Clooney a blowjob in a bathroom at some random event, she never let that one down.” Giuffre wrote.  They place and time of this incident can’t be traced back and there is no suggestion that Clooney was involved in any underage sex or took part in any of Epstein’s sex parties. No comments have been made about the allegations by Clooney’s lawyers. Maxwell’s representatives also failed to give an answer.


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The Manuscripts

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These manuscripts which were released by the court on Friday, were drafted by Giuffre in 2011. They featured in a defamation case against Maxwell but were said to be “fictionalised” by lawyers on both sides.

Epstein’s Death

These Manuscripts were released a day before Epstein shockingly committed suicide in Manhattan jail.

Reportedly he had told jail officials that someone’s had tried to kill him, weeks before husband shoved. He wasn’t currently on ‘Suicide Watch’ as he had seemed to be finally adjusting to the jail environment. He was awaiting husband trial on the Child sex Trafficking charges. Lawyer of more than twelve accusers, Brad Edwards called his suicide “a selfish act” and “an end that no one wanted“. Honey his accuser told a soutce tagt she was angry that while she has to live the scars of his abuse forever, he won’t live to face the consequences for his heinous crimes.  Accusers want that his accomplices be targeted and they are served justice.

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