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Father Killed His Own Son For Being Gay, Dead Boy’s Mom’s Curses His Ex

A son has been shot dead by his father for being gay!! The world has been highly literate but some somewhere in the case of homosexuality, it always shrinks away. Even though the relationship between homosexuals has been treated legally, tagged with legalization. But still, the chaotic clashes of parents and kids are entangled.

Killed for being gay!!

A similar incident has been witnessed in Nevada. A father has shot his 14 yr old son and now he is under the custody of further prosecution. According to the mother of her dead son, Veronica Melton, the curve of news has far deeper roots. The man who shot his son was her Ex.

She says that her son was trafficked. The strong reason for murdering son was his homosexuality. Furthermore, she says that this news of being homosexual must have been summoned by his siblings.

Investigations say that:

The police have been investigating the case severely and intensely. When enquired about the murderer plans, the brutal so-called father gives his crafted innocent evidence. He says that he was shaken to the ground, he got up and accidentally shot the gun, held in his hands. He never planned. The gun was shot on Giovanni’s chest.

The Reasons Behind the Scenes :

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Sonja Jones, the foster Mamma of Giovanni repeats the same reason as his biological mother. She says that the honored person hated his boy for being gay. Although Giovanni was only 14, he was allowed to stay alone in the apartment rented by his Dad. Adding to this, it has been also revealed that the boy was caught with his girlfriend by his siblings too. That later happened to be gay.

Dead Boy’s Mom’s Curses her Ex:

Veronica says that she hopes that they’re throwing the book at him and he never sees daylight, ”She curses and says that every day the killer looks in the mirror, he would see his son’s face.” Wendell, the father, and killer of his son have been charged with murder, illegal weapon ownership and child abuse, for having a previous conviction of a domestic battery.

What About Justice Affairs??

The initial bond had been set at $808,000 but, despite the fact that the nature of charges is shocking, the judge has diminished the bail to $200,000 at a March 22 tryout.

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