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DJ Arafat Dies After A Motorbike Crash At Age 33!!

The undisputed king of coupé-décalé. DJ Arafat died this Monday at the Polyclinique des Deux Plateaux in Abidjan. The well-known singer in French-speaking Africa sustained multiple injuries in a collision. He was admitted with a fractured skill and edema after his bike smashed into a car in Ivory Coast. The car was driven by a Radio Côte d’Ivoire journalist. He was rushed to the emergency state in a vegetative state. Doctors tried to revive him ‘in vain’

In a tragic but ironic way, his latest single ‘Moto Moto’ made the fans aware of his love for motorcycles. It beat records on YouTube with 4 million views. Even his last post on Instagram. Just a few hours before the crash was off his bike. His distinctive hip-hop vocals and with short, catchy rhythms made him “Artist of the Year” in 2016 and 2017. He had well-established himself as the undisputed boss of the offbeat dance sound.


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Condolences expressed by top officials

Moreover, Alassane Ouattara, Ivorian president, extended his sincere condolences to the youth icon’s biological and artistic families as well as fans. Hamed Babayoko, the country’s defense minister described him as his son and said that his death is the enormous loss to African culture. Ivorian Culture Minister, Maurice Kouakou Bandaman, is also organizing a tribute in the honor of the musician. Numerous fellow artists have also been sharing their condolences, including Nigerian star, Davido, and fellow Ivorian rapper, Kaaris. Around 1,000 fans gathered, later on, August 12, in front of the hospital in Abidjan’s Cocody suburb where the singer died, weeping and chanting, “Arafat cannot die”.


While the Ivory Coast was in the throes of war in the 2000s. Coupé-decalé rose to popularity. DJ Arafat pioneered this genre of music. In his own right and gave it new breath of life. This style of “cut and run”. Music emphasizes that young people still wanted to have fun despite the conflict. The percussion-heavy style of the sound of this kind of music was a response to the military and political crisis and DJ Arafat had come to symbolize the very lifestyle and hope that Coupé-decalé brings into our lives. We all mourn the loss of one of the greatest of the musical world.

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