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Beyonce Is Again Pregnant!! Fans Assumed After Her Viral Photoshoot

A wild rumour is floating about Beyonce and it is all thanks to Instagram and her eagle-eyed fans. But when it comes to queen Bey people ought to overthink.

What Is Beyonce Hiding?

It has been mongered that Beyonce is pregnant again. Really? Well, to start off, Carter’s favourite number is 4. So why should they stop at three? But sadly, it is not confirmed whether it is just a rumour or not.

Bey Hives On The Socials

People from all over have come up with their assumptions about the whole thing. Like, a person tweeted that the low key got a feeling that the pop star was pregnant after he attended her concert in Rome, Italy. And why shouldn’t he when she left a major hint? Towards the climax, she rubbed a hand on her belly, smiled at the audience and turned.

Remember VMAs of 2011? The striking similarity in both her moves is surprising. Back then, to announce her pregnancy with her first child she unbuttoned her jacket and rubbed her tummy.

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More Clues Dropped

A few weeks ago, in late July, she wore a blue cuff which is a gift from Jay Z. How is it important? It is the same cuff she wore when she announced the coming of her first girl.

More so, the twins are just above three and Blue Ivy is seven. It is a decent time to have a fourth.

Viral Photoshoot From Hampton

This photoshoot attracted a lot of attention on Instagram. Beyonce, who gave voice to Nala in Lion King, was all in purple.

A verified Twitter account read, “Purple is royalty… Simba (King) (son).. the lion’s curled up like a foetus.” All-cause she carried a bright purple purse and a bouquet of beautiful purple flowers.

Also, in one of the latest posts on her Instagram from the same shoot, she has her hands crossed over her belly. Is she trying to hide a baby bump?

Is All This Over Exaggerated?

There was another picture of her and Jay Z with a bottle of beer on Beyonce’s side. If she is drinking, the pregnancy hoax might just be a rumour.

Moreover, the ‘Single Ladies’ singer is going to be headlining the Global Citizen’s Festival in South Africa in December. In case she IS pregnant, in December she will be into several months of pregnancy and CDC advises pregnant women to not visit South Africa because of the risk of malaria and other such diseases.

All in all, there are things that suggest that the queen of all hearts, Beyonce might be pregnant while some suggest otherwise. More wait is required to arrive at a solid conclusion.

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