SHOCKING STORY!! Teenage Boy Shot And Murdered By Father For Being Gay!!

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Being human is not enough to be part of this world. You are measured on the basis of color, race, religion, gender, and sexuality. If you deviate from the set rules of the society, you are labeled and shunned.

Teenage son killed by father

In a shocking incident from Nevada, a father shot his son for being gay. Giovanni Melton, 14, was shot because Wendell Melton, 53, will better have a dead son than a gay son, Giovanni’s foster mother said.

Although, Wendell has been under house arrest and waiting for trial. He had a history of domestic violence and was charged with illegal possession of a gun, murder, and child abuse. The incident started with a small argument and escalated to murder. Wendall was angry with Giovanni for skipping school.

They had an argument where Giovanni shoved him on the ground after that Wendall pulled out his gun. Wendall told police that he accidentally shot his son. However, Sonja Jones, Giovanni’s foster mother, is convinced that it was a hate crime and the boy was murdered for being gay. She said that Giovanni was mentally, physically, and spiritually abused for many years. Giovanni’s friends also said that he had been threatened before for being gay. Wendall once pulled out a gun on him when caught with his boyfriend.

Police suspicious about the gay rumor

However, the police didn’t suggest it was related to Giovanni’s sexual orientation. Officer Scott Williams said that Wendall has not made any such comments and he maintained that it was an accident. The investigation is still going on. Giovanni was reported to be struggling for acceptance as a gay male throughout his life. Veronica Melton, Giovanni’s mother, said that she didn’t feel that justice was served.

Increasing hate crimes against the LGBTQ community

Moreover, there has been an increase in violence against the LGBTQ community. On August 10, a security guard, Conor Climo was arrested with destructive devices in Las Vegas. He was planning to attack a synagogue and an LGBTQ bar. In June, two gay men and a trans woman were shot in Atlanta. It looks like freedom is the luxury of some selected mass, and we are heading towards a dystopian society. Humanity should be the mark of character, not my sexual orientation.

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