Like Mother, Like Daughter! Kylie’s Little Pumpkin Stormi Is Just Bliss To Watch

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The beautiful skin entrepreneur Kylie Jenner has had her grand birthday celebrations recently and now she is ripping off Postino vibes. As to look over the grand Kylie fiesta, all the Kardashians converged, dear family and friends, congratulated her. Seemingly, Travis, her love buddy, has made her birthday memorable and super special too. He has taken sound efforts to make it impressive for his wife, leaving no stones unturned.

The cutest picture on the INTERNET 

Now as the party bling is over, she is busy wandering in Positano sands and is hung on her baby fevers like never before. The Stormi vibes are well sauteed as she is posting baby pics back to back. The little girl in her arms is all about to create feverish environs in Instagram media. Those memories captured of Hot mama & Lil princess, in paparazzi eye has stolen the hearts of many.

Stormi, A Flower Child She Is!

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Kylie Jenner pours out her emotions for her baby as the two hot girls sing a song. Adding to this, the Kylie baby is like rock & roll affair for both her parents and fandom. As to notice, she has got nice features from her Mama. Awww…..that oh do cute picture has all our hearts. We bet that you just can’t take your eyes off cute Stormi on the lap of Hot Mama.

Love Blooms In Positano Again!

Kylie and her Lil family are on Italian streets and lights to celebrate her birthday. She poses with Travis Scott, the lucky man embraces her waist, and there they go for ‘cheese’. Positano is instrumental in weaving the Lil family more strongly with love. Bliss to have a baby like Stormi, the Lil girl booms and lights up the world of her parents daily. Such cuteness to adore, she is an angel on earth.

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a love without limits ✨

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Like Mother, Like Daughter:

She calls it a perfect day with her husband’s fingers intertwined with hers and carrying her baby on another. The thread of love only becomes dense like this one. Talking about styles, she totally catching a cool look. She wears a loose white shirt, with a belt and just minimal accessories to look elegant yet sophisticated. Stormi too is twinning her Hot Mama very much but in a sporty style.

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Perfect day in Positano 🥖

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At last, Kylie tags it as an oasis of love with no limits that has enraptured fans. Those super cute expressions of Stormi looked adorable to lose your hearts.

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