Is Taylor Swift Secretly Engaged? We Got This Rumor Broken!!

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The wedding season is here in the West. And Taylor Swift is making headlines for her new singles, ME! and You Need To Calm Down, which are likely to be a part of her new album. But is she also in the limelight because of a secret engagement?

All Eyes On Taylor

The queen of dropping hints is working things up again. Did Taylor Swift just announce that she is engaged? Or more so, married? Well if our guesses are true, it was very subtle and classy, and just plain exciting for all the Swifties. Taylor has been dropping hints almost every day for her new and upcoming album, “Lover”, and people are going all gaga. But lately, a few of her clues and activity on the web have hinted towards things which are more on a personal level than about the album.


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Thank God For Social Media

At times like these Twitter and Instagram users are to be credited for decoding the clues left by celebs like the Bad Blood singer, Taylor Swift.

She posted a picture of her very graceful self in a beautiful blue dress. But more things caught eyes than just her ballet pose. For one, the caption. ” My heart’s been borrowed and yours has been blue. All’s well that ends well, to end up with you.”
This and a blue heart. It is alleged that it might be a lyric from her the title track of her new album. But why so much blue? Fans on Twitter broke it down. So everyone knows that weddings are about “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”. Is this her real something borrowed and something blue?

She also liked a Tumblr post, as brought to notice by another Twitter user. The fan writes, “OMG I didn’t realise that Taylor liked a Tumblr post that says: My heart has been borrowed and yours has been blue. Something borrowed and something new.
So the line literally means is part of a rhyme that details what a bride should wear for good luck um OMG IF SHE IS ENGAGED ah” What do we make of that?

Moreover, if we look closely at the photo she posted 4 days ago, there is a string tied to her ring finger. Is she hiding a ring she might be wearing? Or does the string signify that the knot’s been tied?

Who Is The Secret Guy?

Well, who the guy is isn’t a secret anymore. It has been out there in the open for quite some time now. Taylor Swift has been successful in keeping her relationship in the down-low for a very long time. She and Joe Alwyn have been dating for more than two years and they have been captured together many times. Alwyn is an English actor. You might know him from a 2016 war drama called ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’ based on a novel by Ben Fountain. He has also appeared in movies like Boy Erased, The Favourite, etc. Well, the internet is really big on the duo right now. Taylor loves leaving hints like these and she has been doing so for a long time now. What she wants her fans to make of that? Well, she may be engaged Swifties!

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