Horrific Fire Incident At Pennsylvania Home Day Care Killed Five Kids!!

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A heart-stirring incident occurred at Pennsylvania when a fire broke at Home Day Care center on Sunday, which led to the casualty of five children killed including four siblings. Here’s the entire report

Daycare blaze killed, five kids

A morning fire in Pennsylvania Daycare killed five kids and other four severely injured. The fire was reported in Erie, a north-west lake town, on Sunday. The victims’ age ranged from 8 months to 7 years, Department said. According to the grandmother of four siblings died, they were staying at the daycare because their parents work overnight. She said the family had two girls and two boys and had the daycare for almost a year. This horrific incident everyone who witnessed it.


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What’s the police report says?

According to the police department, we are all at a loss and they are trying to figure out the reason behind this fire broke out. The fire appeared to have started in the living room area on the first floor, Chief Fire Inspector said. After a Jan 3 Inspection, the daycare had been noted to place protective replicate covers in electrical outlets accessible to children 5 years of age or younger. And the owners planned the correction as turning the outlets to make them closed.

More peek to the casualties after the incident

The address of fire came back from Harris Family Daycare, and two older boys were able to escape by climbing onto a first-floor roof and then to the ground. Among the kids died, the Daycare owner’s kid was also there. The firefighters were able to rescue seven people inside the building, and that many were young children in severe condition.

A devastating loss

The Harris Family Daycare is a 24-hour, 7 days a week childcare service facility provider and teaches kids age-appropriate skills. During the incident, there were eight people inside the building. This horrific incident caused a devastating loss to all of us. As per a local when she passed by the incident spot all she could see were flowers for the memorial after the incident. “Nobody likes to see this, especially when it’s for kids”, she added.

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