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A Conspiracy Thread: Was Jeffrey Epstein Killed Or Was It A Suicide?!!

High profile financer and convicted sex-offender, Jeffrey Epstein, was found dead in his jail cell on Saturday morning. A lot of questions and myths have been spurred after the multi millionaire’s apparent suicide in the New York Federal Jail.  This death was way too an abrupt end to his wealth and power. Also, why did it happen in less than a day of releasing a trove of disturbing court documents? He courted only the famous, like Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew. These politicians could definitely want him dead. It’s just way too convenient that he can no longer incriminate others.

Why was he in jail?

An indictment was unsealed by federal prosecutors accusing him of paying 14 years old girls to have sex with him from 2002 to 2005. A similar accusation was faced by him in 2007 but a plea deal was signed. When he faced new charges, he requested the judge to grant bail. He asked for a house arrest in his Upper East Side mansion, one of the most private houses in Manhattan. The judge refused and he ended up in a jail cell.

Was he on suicide watch?

He was placed temporarily under suicide watch after being spotted with marks on his neck on July 23. It is not clear if they were self-inflicted or a result of assault. However, Epstein told authorities he was beaten up. 11 days before his death, he was put off suicide watch. Rudy Giuliani, attorney of Trump, said this step was ridiculous.

What other inmates noticed?

When Epstein was held in general population at MCC, he was targeted for extortion as a wealthy pedophile. During the spotting of his neck injuries, he shared cell with Nicholas Tartaglione, a former police officer charged with murdering four people. He said that Epstein lived like a pig in a sty, ate meals off of the floor and asked frequently for toilet paper. This cellmate was also removed for reasons unknown.

What are the conspiracy theories?

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No surveillance video of his death exists even though there are cameras in the section of MCC he was housed in. Medical examiner’s office hasn’t released cause of death yet. Trump and allies have pushed the anti-Clinton conspiracy theory. He tweeted a video of conservative comedian Terrence Williams claiming that Bill Clinton is responsible for his death. It’s still a little shocking that something like that could have happened given Epstein’s high-profile status in the Bureau of Prisons.

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