8 Month Old Phoenix Who Was Almost Dead Makes To Her First Birthday!!

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Little Phoenix is all set to celebrate her first birthday on the 25th of August! The little girl who was taken off life support when she was 8 months old, has been fighting so far and has thrived since!

Phoenix’s condition

Little Phoenix was born with a heart problem called double outlet right ventricle. This meant that her heart could not circulate oxygen around her body properly. To save her life, doctors performed two of four palliative surgeries that she needed. They also put a shunt in her heart when she was 2 months old. When she was 7 months old, Phoenix started bleeding profusely from her nose. During the drive to the emergency room, she turned blue and stopped breathing.

Phoenix’s mother decides to take her off life support

The sudden cardiac arrest left the little girl with major brain damage. Phoenix had to stay in the hospital on life support for nearly a month. Her mother, Monique Goldring, asked the doctors to remove the ventilator that helped her daughter breathe after seeing how tired she was. Phoenix was also 8 months old, yet Goldring said that she was prepared to bid goodbye to her first child. Goldring watched and waited for six hours after Phoenix was taken off life support. Even doctors said that they expected the little girl to die in that time period. But in all the six hours, Phoenix was brave and was still fighting.

Phoenix still in danger

Little Phoenix still continues to face major health challenges. She was released from the hospital on hospice status as the doctors felt that if they performed the remaining surgeries to reroute blood flow, the little girl might not live. However, doctors believe that Phoenix will soon outgrow the shunt in her heart which is going to be fatal. Phoenix’s mother, Goldring, however, hopes that a physician will take a chance on her daughter and perform the two surgeries before she gets too big for her shunt.

Phoenix’s first birthday!

The miracle baby has survived for a year and her family is all ready to celebrate her first birthday to mark the great milestone! Goldring says that she never thought that Phoenix would make it so far and that she celebrates little milestones like Phoenix getting her first teeth and so on. Goldring also says that she gets her strength from her little baby who does not let her fall apart. Guess we all have a lot to learn from little Phoenix, isn’t it?

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