YouTube Star Brooke Houts Accidentally Uploads Video Of Hitting And Yelling At Her Dog!!

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Houts was seen hitting, yelling and seemingly spitting on her Doberman, Sphinx, in a nearly one-and-a-half minutes footage. That she accidentally uploaded to her channel on Tuesday. This unedited footage for a prank video went viral earlier this week and as of Thursday evening. Had over 35 million views.

What really happened?

When the concerning video was accidentally uploaded, more than 330,000 subscribers thought that she had uploaded the wrong version of her upcoming video titled “Plastic Wrap Prank on my Doberman”. This video was supposed to be an attempt at the “Invisible Challenge” in which the pets are tricked by owners by plastic wrap on a doorway frame. Her Doberman, Sphinx has been regularly featured on her YouTube channel.

During the filming, when Sphinx had excitedly jumped on Brooke; she responded with aggression and continues to get angrier by her puppy’s jumping throughout the video. At one point, she slaps him on the head and then grabs him. She then shoves him to the ground and holds him in a tight grip while speaking unfeelingly.

Intense backlash and investigation by LAPD

Viewers have been sharing the video on Twitter and Instagram and even though the video. Has been removed from her channel, the criticism has only accelerated. Alongside clips, many Twitter users said they were deeply anguished and disgusted by how she abused her puppy for wanting affection. Many recalled a pattern of her abusive behavior in their tweets such as when she said ‘sigh, goodnight to everyone except my dog’ and complaining about hitting her face with ‘chonker paws’. YouTubers have also slammed her by calling her actions ‘remarkably grotesque’ and offered to buy the dog for any price.

The Animal Cruelty Task Force of LAPD has been investigating the incident after receiving numerous complaints. The police have opted to not remove the pooch from her home and Brooke still maintains custody of him as the video doesn’t seem to have enough proof.

Houts’ response and apology

She has put out a statement in response to the shocking incident. Denying spitting on him and justifying it by claiming that things in her life has recently been “less than exceptional”. Even though, it seems that she is admitting to doing wrong by her dog, she later says, “As a dog parent, have to show him that this behavior is unacceptable.” She has also not offered any explanation. Regarding what she was doing at that point in the video. More than an apology. Brooke’s seems to blame Sphinx and has said that she will train him to get his energy out.

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