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US Olympian Michael Barsione Tries To Kill Woman At His Farmhouse?!!

54-year-old US Olympian, Michael Barsione has been charged with attempted murder.
Barsione was a member of the US dressage team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He now trains other dressage competitors and horses in his Hawthorne Hill farm site in Long Valley, New Jersey.

Barisone attempted killing a woman?

According to reports, a woman has sustained multiple gunshot wounds at his farm training facility on Wednesday. The police also found Barsione and another man with him injured. However, they were not shot. There was initially no confirmation as to the identity of the injured woman. However, now there have been reports which reveal that the woman was named Lauren Kanarek. Lauren told 911 that Barsione shot her twice. Her fiance was also at the scene and narrowly missed a bullet from Barsione.

Lauren has undergone surgery and is in a stable condition now, reports say. Police also reveal that they were informed about the shooting at 14:13 local time (18:13 GMT) on Wednesday and have also recovered a handgun at the crime scene. Apart from being charged with attempted murder, Barisone was also charged with two counts of possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

What really happened at the scene?

Barisone confronted Kanarek and her fiancé around noon on Wednesday on the porch of their farmhouse where the couple lived and shot the woman twice in the chest at nearly point-blank range. There was then a frantic struggle between Barisone and Kanarek’s fiance as he tried to disarm Barisone and restrain him until police arrived.


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Reason of the chaos

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The couple had relocated from the North Carolina in 2018 to Barisone’s farmhouse so that Kanarek could study under Barisone’s tutelage.

Police sources reveal that Barisone was in the process of evicting Kanarek and her fiancé from the farmhouse. The couple was leasing on his bucolic 53-acre Hawthorne Farm, where they also quartered horses. Before the shooting, police had been called about six times to the farmhouse in that week. Kanarek had also posted on social media that she was being bullied and that she was afraid. However, she never mentioned Barisone’s name. Apparently, Barisone had also visited them a lot of times to inform them about the violations at the house.

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