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Selena Gomez Fans On Alert! New Album On The Horizon!!

Selena Gomez fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief. After years of waiting, they can finally rejoice; her new album is slated to be released this year. Gomez last released a single in February 2019 with the song “I Can’t get enough”, however, Selenators (as the Selena fans are termed) have been kept waiting for almost four years now since her last full album “Revival.” She was finally asked to comment on her new album’s release in an interview with E! News.

Gomez Resurfaces At We Day California

Selena has been out of the public eye in recent times. She did, however, turn up at the We Day California event, which she said was “the best day of the year.” She was all praises for the We Charity event which celebrates the accomplishments of the youths around the globe in bettering social issues.


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Selena has been an ardent supporter of the We Charity and a lot of other social causes throughout her life. She celebrated the crowd at the vent by showering them with praises, saying that they had earned their places at the event by making their communities “safer, greener and more inclusive.”

Selena Does Not Want to Get In Trouble!

Selena was asked when her new alum was to be released during an interview with E! News. Unfortunately, she was unable to disclose the actual date of release. “I can’t say that. I get in trouble too much”, she said. While this comes as a bummer for her anticipating fans, they can rest easy knowing it is coming out sometime this year.

The New Album

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Selena has previously said she is relieved to have almost finished her new album, stating it was quite an emotional process as her life has been quite eventful in the last 3 or 4 years. While she did indeed release a few singles and collaborations during these years, her fans have been desperately waiting for a full new album. Gomez had previously hinted she was working on a new album before she went dark on her social media. She has now returned to being active on social media again, which can only be good news for the Selenators!

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