Home Entertainment Rapper Lil Nas X Reveals That He Is Homosexual?! Check This Out!!


Rapper Lil Nas X Reveals That He Is Homosexual?! Check This Out!!

Rapper Lil Nas X has come out public with his sexuality! Lil Nas X whose original name is Montero Lamar Hill, reveals that he is gay.

Rapper Reveals His Homosexuality

US rapper, Lil Nas X says that he thought he would take the matter of his sexuality to the grave. The rapper feels that homosexuality is not accepted in the country and definitely not in hip hop communities. However, he said he will do what he wanted to and hoped that he was opening doors for people. He also says that he has nothing to hide from his fans, although he does want his fans to be comfortable.

Does rapper face backlash on social media?

After his show with Miley Cyrus and her father, Billy Ray, at Glastonbury, where he performed Old Town Road with the singer, the rapper revealed some hints about his sexuality. He asked his fans to listen closely to the lyrics of the song C7osure(You Like) on Twitter. This song talks about needing to be free and includes the lyrics: “This is what I gotta do, can’t be regretting when I’m old.” After the revelation about his sexuality, the rapper is seeing an enormous backlash on social media, however, he is taking it with a sense of humor. He says that he is not angry and understands how they want that reaction. He says he plans to joke back with them.


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After his interview with BBC Breakfast on Friday with Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty, where he openly admitted he was gay, Lil Nas X walked in front of a live camera while making his exit while the hosts were trying to segue. He later revealed on Twitter that he was completely unaware about it. He wrote, “lmfaooo I didn’t know.” However, that got fans talking too!

Lil Nas X has enjoyed huge success with his county-rap crossover hit Old Town Road, which topped the UK singles chart in April. The song became a viral hit but was removed from Billboard’s country chart over a lot of controversies. Somehow, it did not embrace enough elements of today’s country music.

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