Seems Like Johnny Depp Turned The Table On Amber Heard

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The never-ending legal and not so legal battle between the 90’s heartthrob Johnny Depp and actress Amber Heard have taken a whole new direction after some hot new information was revealed.

The Very Cumbersome Marriage

Heard and Depp met on the sets of Rum Diary and their romance ended with a fifteen-month long marriage in 2016. Since then, the duo has been playing the blame game.
In a surge of events, Amber released a sting video of an aggressive Johnny Depp. But later she denied the fact. Several such stories have come to the public eye. For instance, when Johnny Depp lost half his finger.

Reportedly, Johnny broke a phone by banging it in a fit of anger and cut his finger. He then dipped his finger in a box of paint and scribbled something on a mirror to come back at his then-wife.

Their marriage ended in August 2016 after Heard filed a domestic abuse complaint against Captain Jack Sparrow. He denied the claims and the divorce settled in $7 million, which she donated to charity.

What Is The Situation Right Now

Where the situation stands as of now is that the lawsuit is more in Johnny Depp’s favor than not. How? The latest evidence produced by the 56-year-old actor’s attorney, Adam Waldman. The defamation case is against the owner of British tabloid “The Sun”. The lawyer said that they produced evidence against the accused business face and also the hoax created by Amber about the violence against her.

Both Depp and his judicial representative called Amber’s allegations fictitious and fabricated. They urged on the fact that the real victim of the psychological and bodily torture was Johnny Depp and not the other way around.

To prove his innocence, the actor produced a photograph with his cheek burned by a cigarette and again, another bloody finger. He claimed that the 33-year-old actress put out a cigarette on his face, during a fight in Australia in 2015.


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Heard’s Harassment Hoax 

Amber Heard’s lawyer, Eric George stated that the photographs prove nothing. In a statement recorded by PEOPLE, George says, “This allegation is absurd, offensive and categorically untrue.”

The photographs are on social media. All of this started when Amber Heard made an accusation on him about domestic abuse. He charged Amber with a defamation case in 2018. The vicious cycle of he-said-she-said will go on and on. It is difficult to deduce who is lying and who is not. And more importantly, who is right and who is wrong!

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