Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Spotted Having Secret Date!!

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After his split with Angelina Jolie, rumors have been surfacing about Brad Pitt sneaking around LA undetected. Picking updates on his bike as well as wining and dining at a friend’s restaurant. After meeting up with Jennifer Aniston at her 50th birthday bash this February, it was expected that they will rekindle their romance as he is now back in the market.

Are they casually dating?

After being married from 2000 to 2005, they are ‘still in touch’. But you might also want to hold your breath for a romantic reunion. Even though most of their friends deny them being involved in any way beyond occasional talks, one risky text or emoticon is all it would have taken to ignite that kind of love all over again.

Even though Jennifer Aniston hasn’t dated anyone since her separation from second husband Justin Theroux, things might have changed because she has been spotted having low key dinners flaunting casual ensembles with someone looking way too similar to Brad. She was also spotted in a red skirt and black blouse with someone mysterious.

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The Couple’s Retreat in Rome

We already know that Pitt’s best friend and co-star in Ocean’s 11, has been trying to be a matchmaker by setting them up, probably in a private villa. The trip was said to be booked under Clooney’s parent’s names in Rome and the priority was given to the discretion of staff and no prying eyes. Anniston’s representatives have denied the story but do say that she is open to love and something new in her life.

Jennifer Aniston gets the last laugh

Who would have ever thought that anyone could beat Angelia Jolie in the looks department? The true Hollywood icon finally gets to get the last laugh after Jolie stole her husband years ago. We all knew that the wild, outgoing Angelina Jolie always feared that Brad Pitt. Would go back to Jen and well, it is also a known fact that she was never forgiven by Jen and that Jen probably would never want to be in the same room as Jolie.

Jen and Brad are definitely meeting up sly and therefore, despite repeated refutations on the matter, the news of their reunion cannot stop making rounds.




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