Home Entertainment GOOD NEWS: Finally Amber Heard & Johnny Depp Have A Solution!!


GOOD NEWS: Finally Amber Heard & Johnny Depp Have A Solution!!

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were no less than a perfect Hollywood power couple when they were married. Since February 3, 2015, this high-profile marriage between the stars has always been the subject of numerous gossip, just like any other A-list relationship.

Umm. Not really the perfect couple?

In May 2016, Amber showed up in the Superior Court in Los Angeles with visible bruises on her face. She first filed for a divorce and then for a restraining order. Something seemed to be going very wrong. Reports of physical and emotional abuse began to spread out in the media. Heard’s circle pointed to her bruises and other evidence of months of abuse, while Depp’s legal team tried to characterize Heard as a gold-digger who made up stories for money and publicity. But when the media began to dig into the history of the marriage, they found a lot of secrets nobody could have guessed existed.

Photos, videos, and eyewitness statements kept leaking throughout in the wake of the divorce. Members of the press eagerly investigated into the couple’s private lives.


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Legal Battle between Depp and Heard!

The couple’s legal battle has been public for almost three years and is making headlines. Heard complained that Depp had been mentally and physically abusive to her during their marriage. He had also assaulted and humiliated her. Whenever she questioned his authority or disagreed with him, the Pirates of Carribean actor apparently threatened his wife. However, to all this, Depp’s attorney told the court that Heard was attempting to secure a premature financial resolution by alleging abuse.


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¬†Depp’s allegations against Heard

Depp says that when he went downstairs to have a drink, Amber followed him and screamed at him. She threw two bottles at Depp and the second one severed his finger. After that Amber also put out a cigarette on his right cheek. Depp was also admitted to an Australian hospital soon after that incident. There have been many incidents like this which have gone public on which people get to hear two sides of the same story. One is Amber’s version and the other being Depp’s version. Both the celebrities have different takes on the airplane incident, the painkiller detox incident and many others.

Heard’s new boyfriend?

Heard has apparently moved on to a new man, Milos Dragicevic, who is a 25- year-old model. Both of them have been inseparable for a long time and seemed really smitten with each other. They seem to get together very well and their relationship is free from all the drama that Amber had in her previous relationship.

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