A Man Charged Of Rape And Murder Of An 89 Year Old Woman!!

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Women have been fighting a long battle against patriarchy, seeking equality. The world has always seen women as objects to be dominated. Though we have come a long way still, some psychopaths roam free and create havoc.

Crime with an 89-year old woman

In a disturbing event, a 22-year-old man is convicted of rape and murder of an 89-year-old woman in Tottenham, England. The man has been identified as Recce Dempster, a homeless from the Haringey area in North London. He is facing a trial at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court. Recee is charged with murder, sexual assault, rape, and burglary. The Police are still investigating the case. Garry Moncrieff, DCI, was investigating this case and informed that Recce Dempster was arrested at 6 pm on Monday, 5 August. He also informed that they were called at the Waltheof Gardens home on Sunday at 10:45 am when they found the victim’s body.


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The victim’s identity has been kept secret due to legal reasons. However, for ease, a fake name has been given to the victim. She is called Dorothy Woolmer.

Understanding the psychology behind rape

Rape is a heinous crime and has nothing to do with a woman’s appearance. It is a behavioral crime which seeks only ego satisfaction and sex does not play a major role. It does not happen out of passion, here the criminal plans out everything. The criminal targets the victim and then wait for the right opportunity. A rapist does not have a particular look, it could be anyone irrespective of class, creed, religion, and color.

Who was Dorothy?

According to the neighbors, Dorothy was a wonderful woman who was full of life. She lived there with her husband for sixty years until her husband passed away a few years back. Her husband was a retired Royal Navy engineer. After him, she mostly stayed at home.

John George, 91, Dorothy’s neighbor remembered that she would trim her hedges and tidy her garden. She was a pleasant lady. Her relatives are shocked by the incident. One of them said that her family was completely shocked, and she could not believe that such a horrific event could happen with her 89-year old great aunt. Another relative said that Dorothy was a self-sufficient person. She would cook and clean, and could stairs despite her age. Dorothy will be remembered as a wife, sister, aunt, and great friend and will be missed greatly.

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