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LEAKED!! Camila Cabello Finally Accepts Her Love For Shawn Mendes!! Here’s The Proof

Amid several rumors of Shawn and Camila dating, being in love, not being in love, there had been many speculations regarding their relationship status. The couple always brushed off the related questions lately.

Is ‘Shamila’ actually a real thing?

There have been many speculations, and fans are actually expecting ‘Shamila‘ thing to be real. Camila and Shawn recently had been spotted having a date night together in Tampa, having PDAs out in public and so on. The couple instead of being caught in public having loving time together always decided to stay mum over their status of the relationship. Well, one picture of them making out in a pool actually cleared the confusion to many levels.

Camila shares the feeling of “being in love”

In a recent interview with ‘Variety’, Camila shared her feeling about ‘being in love’. Though she didn’t really admit any name clearly, her view over the feeling of love is kinda cute. “Falling in love is like an infinite amount of levels and layers and angles“. Hmmm very romantic opinion, we must say! The way Camila described love is the cutest thing ever and make us wonder about all the rumors being true actually.


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Camila’s life propaganda

Whenever Camila has been asked about her love life, she has always given twisted answers with no clarity. As per her views, she has two sides: one side drags her down to stay home and another side makes her go out of the home and have some fun. Speaking of which, she gave her life’s propaganda to be “Fake it, till you make it”. Quite cynical and witty! Instead of Camila and Shawn not confirming anything, there are certain signs that are telling completely different tales.

They look cute together

Once in an interview of “mostly searched google questions”, Shawn Mendes came across a question which he actually avoids. The question was “Is Shawn Mendes in love with Camila Cabello“, to which he answered, “Yes! I love Camila, she is one of the great best friends of my life“. Umm!! Best Friend, Okay! Therefore, both of them always gave mixed answers to half-way confirm and not confirm their love affairs. Fans are eagerly waiting for their confirmation because they actually look so damn cute together.

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