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Boeing 737 Max Ready To Fly Again Despite The Massive Ethiopian Crash!!

An airplane is the fastest transport in the world. This sometimes makes it the deadliest too. Earlier this year, in March, An Ethiopian Airline crash claimed the lives of 157 people. In a twin accident last year, An Indonesian Airline crash killed 189 people. Both these accidents had one thing in common: Boeing 737 Max.

A deadly software glitch in 737 Max

Boeing 737 max came under scrutiny when a glitch in its software caused an airplane to tilt its nose sharply, resulting in a crash landing. This was the glitch that caused the Indonesian and Ethiopian Air-crash. 737 Max was grounded for an indefinite time after those incidents. According to a report, the CEO of Boeing 737 Max, Dennis Muilenburg is seeking permission to resume its flight. This has caused an uproar in the families of the victims.

Protest against Boeing 737 Max

A group of families has approached the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to review the planes before their flight and help stop any more accidents. Samya Stumo was killed in the Ethiopian crash. Her father is part of the group that appealed to the FAA to review 737 Max. He said that there needs to be full re-certification to catch anything and make sure it’s safe to fly again. He highlighted the faulty certification system of the FAA. The FAA is responsible to provide certificates to an airplane after its full inspection. In case, the airplane facilities are found inadequate the plane is not allowed to fly. When the 737 Max was launched in 2017, it was given a certificate based on its previous 737 models. This was a compromise with the customer safety.

Plea to fly 737 Max again

However, Muilenburg said that the software has been updated and the planes are safe to fly again. He is positive about his move despite protests. Muilenburg also said that the grounding of 737 Max would result in a loss of around 600 suppliers and hundreds of thousands of jobs. He asserted that the Boeing company follows a strict discipline and trying to be transparent in its work. The customers of the flight also stand at a loss. Grounding of 737 Max means forty million fewer aircraft seats. This means a steep increase in plane ticket prices.

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