Channing Tatum And Jessie J. Getting Married ? Here’s The Answer!!


Everything About Channing And Jessie Relationship

On September 23, 2018 rumours started that after Jenna (Channing’s ex wife) Tatum has moved on to Jessie J. The rumours of Jennie and Channing being a couple spread in October of 2018. The news stated after the duo was spotted playing golf by someone who then tweeted about the same.

News of Channing really liking Jennie started circulating. There were eye witnesses of the time they spent together. But they were still low-key about everything.

The very next month Tatum was seen leaving Jessie’s Los Angeles home in the morning after which he took his daughter with Jenna to Jessie’s gig at Los Angeles’ weltern theatre.

Jessie and Channing’s Insta Official Relationship

Soon the relationship was insta official. Both praised each other’s work by posting on their instagram profiles. And with that done, their thing of leaving admiration notes for each other on social media started. Sometimes it would be a post and sometimes a comment. Channing even wrote a rap for his bae. Jessie posted a screenshot of her chat with Channing in which he has sent the rap in her story’s reply. How cute !

Channing and Jessie Getting Married?
Things didn’t stop there. The couple was suspected of having marriage plans ( Already ?!) It has been reported that Channing is not afraid of commitment and Jessie is finally happy to have found “The One” after many failed relationships. The news is surprise even to their friends. But wasn’t it obvious by their relationship growing stronger by the second?

Jennie Dismissed All The Marriage Rumours

Despite all the evidences and signs Jessie dismissed all the rumours by saying that they’re taking things slow.

On a show Jessie said, “We’re having a lovely time. And I’m very, very respectful of his situation and his privacy.”

Meanwhile, cute pictures and PDA is still all over their social media accounts. Fans are just waiting for the couple to tie the knot.

Channing’s Ex-wife Talked On His New Relationship

Channing’s marriage with Jenna Dewan ended in 2018 after 9 Years of marriage. The couple released a joint statement that said they have “lovingly chosen to separate as couple”

When asked about Jessie and Channing’s relationship, Jenna said that the relationship is no surprise to her as one of her friends told her about it long time back. She said she has no problem with it as long as Channing’s priority is their daughter, Everly Tatum.


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