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Camila Cabello Is “IN LOVE” And Dedicates Her Second Album To Shawn Mendes!

Camila Cabello’s second album is already making its way into the music industry!

When did Camila write this album?

Camila says that she wrote the song at a time when she was falling in love. Apparently, she meant her ex-boyfriend, Matthew Hussey, with whom she broke up recently after dating for almost a year.


Camila says that when she fell in love, she opened up. And she believed that everything is written in the present moment.

2 versions to Camila?

Camila goes on to say that she feels there are 2 versions to her. One which is scared and prefers staying at home, the other Camila just likes being out and drags the scared Camila with her. Camila believes that she has been doing this for the past 2 years.

She also tells the media that she has grown a lot as a songwriter and how this album is going to be million times better than her first album.

The singer also shares that she is working on not allowing people’s opinions affect her.
Camila says that earlier she was the type of person who you used to ask a lot of people about a matter she was unsure about. But now she feels that the answer always lies within you and you need to look inward and get quiet. She says that if you keep asking people about the answers and if it is too loud in the head, then you’ll never get the answer.


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New Album Coming 

After the release of her song, Senorita, with her BFF turned boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, Camila has turned into people’s favorites!

Shawn Mendes

Fans are looking forward to more of her songs and her songs are already topping the binge-listened to on playlists!! Her song Havanna topped chart lists as well.

The star is now too much in the spotlight for dating her co-singer, Shawn Mendes. Fans are going wild over her steamy pictures with Shawn in Miami beach! The couple was reportedly seen kissing in the water sparking dating rumors and major PDA! Fans completely adore this lovely couple and want to see them going a long way in the future.

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