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Love Trio; Gigi’s New “Secret Lover” Is Actually Hannah Browns “Current BF”

Zyan Malik’s declared Ex Gigi Hadid is knitting fresh relationship tags with The Bachelorette runner up Tyler Cameron. The amazing singer and sexy model have been almost rocking the Hollywood planet. But one day in January, we got the closure of their on and off the relationship.

Is Tyler Chasing Women?

Tyler Cameron has been earlier praised by Hannah Brown in its recent season. The hot dating TV opera has been the soapiest affair that had hit every section of American society. Just after the show us over, it seems like Tyler Is open for any woman that comes to him. The lines are open as long as any beautiful lady gets to engage in him.

Gigi Hadid Fell In love?

Recently, we have noticed Gigi Hadid and Tyler out for a date at Brooklyn Soho’s house in New York City. The fans were almost quite got by the shocking news as it is only a couple of months that she had a breakup. Now, it seems like a quick healing affair for Gigi Hadid who was once engaged in hardcore relation with Zyan Malik.

Zyan Breaking Down?

This news might bang as shocking news for Zyan Malik as he is still single and yet to show move on symptoms. Gigi and Zayn, however, have connections though that’s not of any heartstrings as they and they talk frankly. As unveiled by sources to US Weekly, it’s said “She still has feelings for him, of course, but he has major issues and she knows they aren’t compatible, ” It also says “She’s still very single”


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Deeper Roots:

The matter is somewhat deeper as we got to know that Hannah Brown and Tyler having a secret affair. It’s been a long time coming, and we have known that Tyler had gone to Hannah’s place. He spent a night and came back after the morning around 10. They left each other hugging and kissing. Shockingly, Tyler is in both games and his next game is Zayn’s Ex-girlfriend.


We may say that the news of Tyler and Gigi hanging together will sadden Zyan Malik. He is still holding strong on it and may not be at all comfortable. Previously, the ex-couple had made many headlines relating to their love life bouncing off on happiness. All came to an end such startlingly. The fans are getting crazier as the picture of Gigi and Tyler is turning viral on Instagram. It has been posted by a fan and is soon turning favorite.

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