Emma Watson Caught With Her New Bae In H-Town! But Apparently He Is Not Tom!


Emma Watson has found her man of dreams that she has been falling back. To rear the gear of love cart, she is all ready to go with her brand new boyfriend. After a long ago, she has been heard of cooking up rumors. She was with a guy that has almost past buried her past. The real kick came to Hollywood paparazzi when the camera lens captured Emna Watson with Alicia Keys’ a younger brother. A shock to fans of Tom Felton- Emma couple.

In Lens!!

It’s still suspense whether Tom Felton was really her boyfriend. The truth is under veils. Likewise, the adorable picture of Emma and her new love is turning a media feat. Lanterns of love have been lit in her world since the gorgeous boy entered her life. Cole has been noticed with Emna hanging out in The Noticeable Pig, a celeb loved a restaurant in New York Metropolis.


Who is he??

The man is just not a star’ little bro but a self-made businessman dealing the ‘Timeless eye’ that include Bally, Nike, SoulCycle, Fenty, Bacardi, Hole, and Advanced. The romance between the two has hatched and us soon catching fires of headlines. It’s just because they both as a couple look flawless and faultless. A gorgeous future couple to become, the guys are spending a lot of time together.

Any explanations?

Even though, the heroine has not revealed the full story stirring up in her life about Cole. But we are damn sure that they are the would-be couple. As long as you are with us, you will be getting all the fresh update stories related to their budding love. She seems to be pretty secretive about her personal life if not hiding.


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Cute AF

In the picture, they look happy and adorable as they walked together to the restaurant. The lively guys were in all smiles and pleasantly taken by each other. Although the issue is in most mist, we can forecast her intentions and interactions tactics with Cole. Let’s see how long this dating affair takes to mature their love bud.

Next Move:

After, enjoying the crush term on her Harry Potter Co star, she is going flat on this new man. The wild claims cannot be true unless the beautiful actress makes make a statement. We shall surely sit up for that. The cost pictures of Tom Felton and Emna never disappointed fans and there were heavy rumors too.


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