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Speed star Keanu Reeves Sets The Internet On Fire With The Strangest Look Ever!!

A really weird photograph has been circulating on social media and is all over the news. A man with a beard and a mohawk, wearing a white full-sleeved, skin-tight Under Armour T-shirt rolled up to show off the belly and paired with dark jeans was captured coming out of a vanity van.

Why is this picture going viral?

It is not a surprise to the super-fans but it is none other than the ‘John Wick’ star, Keanu Reeves. Yes, that’s right. That is an unusual look for Reeves. The 54-year-old actor has sported n number of styles throughout his career, but this is by far the oddest. However, he manages to rock and still look pretty hot in this outfit. It is rumored that the look is for a particular character he is going to play. And it is not a new character, but one of our favourites from ’89. Ted.

Ted who?

Not Mosby. Remember Theodore Logan? The long awaited chapter three of Bill and Ted is coming up pretty soon. The franchise is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and the actors Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves officially announced in March this year that the shooting has begun. They also thanked their fans and appreciated the love that they had received for the previous two movies. Bill and Ted Face the Music is to release in 2020.


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Times Press Release

A press release by Times said that the movie is going to be about how Bill and Ted saves lives and restore harmony with their song, along with their friends, family and a few music legends. There is also going to be a glint about a man from future who warns them about the danger that prevails and tells the two what they need to do.

Who are going to be in the film besides Reeves and Winter is yet to be revealed. But it is a reunion after more than 2 decades. Everyone is excited and the viral pictures of the Matrix star has made the internet go gaga.

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