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Lost In Space Season 2 Cancelled??!! Answer Revealed!!

“Lost in Space”

The series is based on the classic 1965 TV show with the same name. It is American science fiction, following the adventures of a family of space colonists whose spaceship deviates off course.

The series follows Maureen and John Robinson and their three children, Will (the youngest), Judy and Penny, sent on a space mission but whose spacecraft veers off course into a wormhole after an alien robot breaches the ship, forcing the space colonizers onboard to evacuate.

A quick peek into Season one

In the first season, we saw the Robinsons successfully imprison June Harris, a psychopath criminal who had assumed the identity of Dr. Smith in order to abort the humans’ mission. But ended up with their ship being sent by aliens into a different, unknown galaxy. Will recognizes this from a shape the Robot once drew for him, with the warning as: “Danger, Will Robinson…”.

The Season one ended on a cliffhanger, with the Robinson family unknowingly being thrown into a new galaxy. As the Robinsons, along with their extra passengers (namely Dr. Smith), was approaching the Resolute, the alien engine in their ship, Jupiter 2, went haywire and sent them into a wormhole.


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‘Second Season Ahead’.

Addressing what fans can presume, Jenkins said, “It’s going to be much bigger than the first season. It’s going to be awesome.” Until a couple of years ago, Netflix wasn’t too quick on the cancellation confirmation, but that seems to have changed. Still, flying blind, It is a prediction that it will get a second season based on the title recognition.

Why was ‘Lost In Space’ canceled?

Unless they decide to release viewership statistics, it is difficult to predict whether Netflix will cancel or return with Lost in Space for season two. Since that’s just speculation, however, we will keep an eye on press releases to update this page with breaking announcements.

Furthermore, Lost in Space producers earlier hinted at some of the original series’ cast appearing in Lost in Space season 2, so that’s something viewers can look forward to when the show might return later this year.

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