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Kissing Booth Won’t Stay A Love Story But A Dramatic Movie!!!!

Kissing Booth 2 has a surprise, or maybe, shock for all their fans!

Let’s recap Kissing Booth!

Jacob Elordi who plays Noah in Kissing Booth falls in love with Elle, played by Joey King in the first part of Kissing Booth. Elle is best friends with Lee, played by Joel Courtney, Noah’s younger brother. Lee is hurt when he realizes that Elle and Noah are in love. However, gradually he supports both of them and helps Elle and Noah to get together. The movie ends with Noah leaving for college and Elle drives off on Noah’s motorcycle saying that she does not know if they will be together forever but a part of her heart will always belong to him.

Kissing Booth will be back with a sequel!

Kissing Booth 2: Going the Distance is going to return in January 2020, with every female fans’ crush, Jacob Elordi. Fans are hoping that the sequel manages to keep the spark between the long-distance couple, Elle and Noah, alive. While the fans are waiting to see how the couple manages to face this challenge, the author, Beth Reekles has different plans.


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Apparently, in the sequel, Noah is going to kiss someone else! The actress of Legends of Tomorrow, Maisie Richardson Sellers features as the cool college girl whom Noah meets at his first year at Harvard.

Elle le also has to decide how much she trusts her boyfriend while navigating feelings for handsome classmate Marco, played by newcomer Taylor Perez.

This movie is going to full of drama as fans predict. Will Marcus and that cool college girl stop Noah and Elle’s romance in its tracks? Netflix may find itself with plenty of angry fans if so.

Jacob and Joey called it quits?!

After the huge success of Kissing Booth, love blossomed between the lead actors, Joey and Jacob in real life too. However in a recent interview, Joey reveals that the couple has split, however they are not headed for the same fate.

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