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Find Out Why Will A$AP Rocky Never Visit Sweden Again?

A$AP has made plans not to get back to Sweden, EVER. We still don’t know how he will manage that with an ongoing case.

A$AP Rocky finally returned to US!

The rapper returned back to US on Saturday after hs was compelled to stay in Swedish prison for 1 month. Rocky along with his two peers Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers are all waiting for the final verdict. As the reports suggest, the verdict and the estimated sentencing will be announced on August 14. However, there is no compulsion for Rocky to be present in the court during the verdict. M

Also, Rocky’s lawyer is confident that Rocky abd his fellow defendants will surely get a not guilty verfict home. If woul not have been the case, thet would never have received the permission to return to US. If he’s left free after the verdict, he might now ever visit that country again.

Rocky was arrested in early July, after he was filmed in a physical altercation in Stockholm. The rapper chose to plead not guilty on the charges put on him. Reports suggest that, according you legal procedures Rocky could get sentenced for 2 years behind bars. But thanks to prosecutors, they are pushing it for a maximum six-month prison sentence.


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Why will Rocky never go to Sweden again?

In case, he is declared as guilty. He has planned it with the lawyer to simply negotiate the terms but avoid going back to Sweden.

The lawyer said that thankfully he was not arrested in other parts of Europe. There they have more strict rules and those would get him into more bigger troubles. Just hope he’s charges not guilty and all this is over.

The President has sent Sweden a special envoy in order to set him free. President also persuaded them for negative consequences if the rapper was not released on time. Swedish people simply said the other prosecutors will not intervene in the on going case procedures.

After Rocky was released by the court and he made his way back to the states early this morning. The first thing he did was thanked fans for their support on social media.

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