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Shawn Mendes Deleting All His Social Media Handle. Fans Are Heartbroken

Shawn Mendes is now back on the hottest news after the release his song Señorita with Camila Cabello. But the thing in focus right now is that Shawn claimed that he was not active his socials anymore. This makes us want to go and search ‘Shawn Mendes’ on Instagram. Yes, he is still there. His official page is still active.


In a recent meet and greet event with fans before his performance in Atlanta he admitted that he deleted his Instagram three days ago. It is his close friend and manager handling his profile and posting pictures on his behalf.

“Sometimes I need to take a break from it too. Because it gets to me as much as anyone else. Yeah, you have to take care of yourself. It is really really important. Make yourself come first.”

This is what the ‘In My Blood’ singer had to say to his fans.

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It is not the first time that Shawn’s been keeping a distance from social media. In 2018, he frankly explained in a tweet that he does not want to post something just because he has to. He would rather do it when he wants to. Shawn Mendes is pretty irregular when it comes to posting on platforms like these as compared to the other celebs.


Fans shipped the two of them yet again after the release of the steamy video to the song Señorita, which hit 380million views in a month. Things got spicier when Camila broke up with her long term boyfriend just after the release of the song. And everyone thought it had something to do with Mendes. Yet, nothing was confirmed.

But then a video of Shawn and Camila kissing went viral and the two are confirmed to be together. Even though Mendes has been dodging questions related to love and Camila.

Maybe this is the reason that he called it quits with Instagram and Twitter. Sometimes the pressure created by fans can be overwhelming. Shawn needs his privacy. And we can grant him that after all the beautiful record-breaking music he has made for us. Can’t we?

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