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Here’s The True Reason Behind Shawn Mendes Deactivating His Social Accounts!!

Shawn Mendes deletes social media apps on this phone

Following the rumors of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. Shawn shared upsetting news with his fans, admitting he deleted social media apps on his phone. Although the good news is that he is still on the social media platforms, it’s just that he himself is unable to manage all of it.

In a pre-concert QA in Atlanta, he said, ” To be honest with you guys. I deleted Instagram and Twitter three days ago, but I send my manager pictures and I’m like, ‘Can you post this.” He admitted the fact that like every other people, he also needs a break from social media platforms.

Instagram and Facebook apps deleted

Social media platforms affect not only the public’s lives but also the celebrities’ as well. The intensity of exposure of their personal life is so high that sometimes it becomes tiresome for them and they eventually need a break.

Although Shawn didn’t share many details but told his fans that he eventually needs a break for a while in order to take care of himself first. It’s really really important to make yourself first, he added.

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Speaking of which, he honestly confirmed to his fans that his Instagram and Facebook platform is being managed by his managers. He told, “I send them photos and ask them to post it”.

Everyone deserves a break

Media and fans are always eager to know every tiny detail of a celebrity’ life without realizing the fact that they could also require some privacy. Social media platforms play a crucial role in bridging the gap between the celebrity and the public. In the midst of hectic schedule, interviews, and media confrontations its quite difficult to manage all the social media platforms on your own.

We definitely understand Shawn’s decision and appreciate his honesty. During a time where many believe Shawn and Camila’s ‘blooming romance’ is just a publicity stunt, I believe this break is much needed!

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