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Most Unnatural Death; 19, A Girl Fell From A Plane While On Her Internship

A Cambridge University student, Alana Cutland has died in Madagascar after falling from a plane after falling 5,000ft.

How did the girl fall from an airplane?

The 19-year-old from Milton Keynes died while on her internship in the African island nation earlier this month, the Foreign Office said.

Reports said she fell from the Cessna-style light aircraft as it flew above the island’s savannah. Cops and locals have been trying to find her body, but fear they will never find her due to the remote location which is teeming with carnivorous wild animals.

Moreover, locals police said that Alana, a second-year Biological Natural Sciences student, was traveling back from the remote area of Anjajavy. She boarded the plane along with another passenger and a pilot for a flight out of the remote region.

How her friends, family, and teachers described her as?

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A pal described Alana as “beautiful inside and out.” Her family got one hell of a nightmare with this news. They were devastated and how!

In a statement, her family described her as a talented dancer who had a “thirst for discovering more of the world”.

Alana, our daughter was a very independent woman. She loved each and everyone around her. Her smiled brightened up every room she walked into,” they said.

Being content and supportive, she always established a special connection with her family and friends. This resulted in her having a very special connection with a wide network of people from all walks of her life.  She was so apt in what she wanted, as a result, she took this decision of embarking on the next stage of her education. Hence, she took up an internship in Madagascar complementing her studies in natural sciences.”


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Dr. David Woodman, from Robinson College, Cambridge University, issued a statement extending “sincerest condolences”.

Alana’s death has shocked the Robinson College,” he said. “She made a huge contribution during her time of two years.  We will sorely miss her. The college wishes sincerest condolences to her friends and family. And may this difficult time pass soon.”

The college extends its sincerest condolences to Alana’s family at this extremely difficult time.”

“She was a bright student with a loaded amount of talent. There was nothing she couldn’t do. It is beyond anybody’s imagination why would she do something like this.” Says her family, friends. 


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