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Is This The End For Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik? Well Yes, Here’s Why

Will Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik ever get together or is this them finally moving on.

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Some Juicy Rumors

It seems that everyone is accepting that the Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are moving on from each other. Just recently it seems that people have even started making advances at them.

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Just recently there are rumors that Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron from The Bachelorette are getting closer to each other.

It all started when the two started following each other on Instagram out of nowhere. Of course, nothing is confirmed until we figure out if Tyler Cameron actually makes it with Brown, the bachelorette. However, we can say that we would totally root for them as Gigi and the whole world have fallen for Cameron.

That Is Not It

On top of that, it seems like the Hadid siblings specifically Gigi and Bella are having a girl only trip extravaganza. They are on the ultimate sister vacation.

Maybe this is a way to get Gigi Hadid out and about and trying to be single. Before the next relationship, she might want to spend time to herself, with her amazing sister. Bella and Gigi Hadid are currently Instagramming up a storm from the Greek island—and inspiring some major wanderlust in the process.

They might also be posting these pictures to show their ex’s what they are missing and that they are ready to move on.

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mornin ??

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Zayn Is Also Ready

It looks like Zayn Malik is also in a place where he is ready to move on from his on and off relationship with the model.


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He has recently gotten back into music and in the studio. We might here about his state of mind through it. Until them we can say that he is ready to accept that the relationship ship has sailed without them on board.

The two will obviously remain close in each other’s hearts, as a relationship that long and strenuous will leave an impact. They have lots of respect and love for each other. For now, this seems to be the end of their relationship.


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