From Off Screen To On Screen, Shawn & Camilla Making Fans Go ‘Ooh La La’ Senorita

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The fresh singles out by Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello have really won the taste of the audience beautifully. The song curated in Spanish laces is now on over every lip and slowly rising star. Swearing that it’s not shallow news, the good song is shaving off the chart, next to Ed Sheeran’s song. The official list of all Song most streamed, downloaded and enjoyed by most people all over the world. It’s now one of the best songs among the others. Little mixed with the sensual scent and penetrating lyrics, the song happens to stay now all over. The gorgeous couple is breaking the Hollywood paparazzi top labels and sticking their own now.

Sizzling Everywhere:

The sizzling hymn is topping the official Irish chart like forever now. With engendering great cozy rumors for their budding love, the singing divas are too high for their singles too. The song is the lovely recap of their early love and the scenes featured in too have also the folk heart. It happened to be the most downloaded and streamed track of the last seven days, finishing 1,300 combined sales ahead of Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber’s I Don’t Care, ending their six-week reign at Number 1.

Highest Climber:

The nicks and fragrance of senorita are everywhere. Really, Camilla and Shawn have left the scent of their highly talked love affair in these hit songs. Adding to this, it’s like..oh yeah ‘Senorita hits’ have been a striking star powder on media and singing World.


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The Couple Hits:

The beautiful blend of two sexy voices in Senorita dots Shawn’s first chart-topping single in Ireland; the handsome singer has earlier reached as top as Number 2 with his intensely hitting single Stitches in 2016 and with his sass wars of songs, he gave birth to the Top 10 twice more with the exclusive Number 3- soaring ‘There’s Nothing Holding Me Back and when If I Can’t Have You notched out at Number 7 in the list.

Other than that:

Whereas our very own Havana singer, Camila Cabello hits with her Latin pop with her love buddy, Shawn Mendes in 2017 when her Havana ‘Havana’ liquidated for five weeks leading the Top 50. Senorita is her third Top 10 hit in total following the Number 6 peak of Never Be The Same in March 2018. Furthermore, the other singers like Rita Ora, Jonas Blue, Castles, Freya Ridings with their bravo hits are too blasting the Top 50 list this week.

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