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Jay-Z To Work With Meek Mill For His New Record Label!

Jay-Z has teamed up with Meek Mill to record his new label: Dream Chasers. The rapper turned entrepreneur is launching his new record with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation in a joint venture.

Jay-Z celebrated his new partnership!

On Tuesday, the two hip hop artists celebrated the launch of their new record Dream Chasers by signing contracts at a press conference and by popping a bottle of champagne. The celebration of their new partnership took place at the Roc Nation headquarters in New York City.

Why did Mill choose to do business with Jay-Z?

Mill said that he had a lot of other offers to do business with other people but the relationship that he has built from Jay-Z’s Roc Nation which believed in him throughout his whole career, in his ups and downs and the morals that they showed to him and his team when it was not even in their best interest to show it, Mill mentioned that he feels comfortable working with them and going through it from the place that is just like his home.

Mill said, “We are ready to work.” He further said that this is the beginning of a new chapter, a new page.

Mill is going to lead Dream Chasers as the President overlooking the label and its staff.

Mill’s journey and his bond with Jay-Z are unbreakable!

With a string of mixtapes, Mill built a strong fan following and buzz in Philadelphia. He reached the mainstream when he topped the charts in 2012 with his major-label debut.

Jay-Z, the ultimate businessman in the field of hip hop, said that he and Mill bonded not only musically but in other areas too.

Jay-Z praises Meek Mill all the time!

Jay-Z kept on rattling about Mill’s integrity, honesty, sense of responsibility and so on. Jay-Z said that everything that he has ever done leading up to this point shows that he can carry that weight for the people of the next generation.

Jay Z continued, “Everybody can sign some artists, make some money and brag about how hot they are for us, but we look at the big picture. For us, it is way beyond signing hot artists and having a hot record.”

Jay-Z and Mill come from the same background!

Jay Z, who grew up in the Marcy Projects Complex in Brooklyn, said that he and Mill come from the same neighborhoods and have been through the same things.

Jay Z thinks that Mill is going to succeed in whatever he does.





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