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Tom Brady Being Called Out For Jumping Off A Waterfall With His Daughter!

There are some cases that come forward from celebrities. There are some different decisions that are taken on by different celebrities. But now, the people are looking for the news that is really creating some hype. This news now involves Tom Brady. Keep reading for this one. This may just blow your mind!

Tom Brady’s waterfall jump video

Recently, it just happened that Tom Brady posted a video of himself jumping off the waterfall along with his 6-year-old daughter, Vivian. Some of the fans have been deeply affected after seeing the video. It is coming as a shock to so many as to why someone would do that? But that is the very question. Why did Tom do this?

Tom was recently called out for his suspension from the NFL. Ever since then, many matters for him have been going haywire. This is not the first time that Tom has been suspended. He has once been suspended four years ago for the role that he played in “Deflatgate”.


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At this point in time, the fans are really scared of Tom’s actions. People are judging his parenting skills and questioning whether he is responsible enough or not. The quarterback posted the video of him jumping off a waterfall along with his 6-year-old daughter was something that made people lose their minds. Some of the fans are even going up the level to all this stunt an act of “child abuse”.

Tom Brady

To be completely honest, that is offensive for the media to say so. Tom is someone who looks and acts the part of being responsible with his own family members. Penalizing him like this for the very fact that he can’t spend time in the right way with his family, is wrong.

Tom’s post on the matter

Here is the caption that Tom posted with the video:

“If Vivi is going to be an Olympic champion one day, it probably won’t be in synchronized diving. Daddy always gives her a 10 though! ???”.

Let’s just hope that there is nothing more coming from the public regarding the matter. the people need to stop penalizing Tom for the wrong cause.

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