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Angry ‘Tower Of Terror’ Passenger Punches A Disney Worker!

Sit back. This is a story of pure rage. There are sometimes passengers who get angry for some reason and then go on a rampage, committing the wrong actions. For those of you who don’t know, then this is the story of a ‘Tower of Terror’ rider punching a Disney worker. Keep reading for the details. They might shock you.

Disney Worker gets punched by a rider

Shockingly, it has been one of the news headlines to listen to. A Disney worker gets punched by a tourist from Chicago. The reason was that her FastPass wasn’t valid for the Tower of Terror ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

On one hand, an Orange County Sherriff’s report said that the Disney World cast member did offer to help the passenger with the issue. Unfortunately, she was not patient enough to handle the situation. The passenger started trying to take the matter into her own hands. It was unethical on her part. The facility there did try to stop her.

Tower of Terror

Moreover, it was when the employee pushed her hand away, that the rider came in and then punched the worker on the face. It was very unethical to do something like that. The people have been looking for the fact as to why this happened. Turns out that this is completely a pure story of rage. The people have been observing the behavior of the matter that this is something which can completely not be dealt with.

However, after this incident, the entire group then left the ride and then the security followed them. It was a story of insanity. Moreover, the entire family started turning out to be profane to the worker and that is where the worker started feeling bad.


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Punishment is given

For such a consequence, a grave punishment has to be given to solve the case. In return of this, the Disney officials that the woman is now on a permanent ban to enter the Disney facilities. After all of this went down, the worker did not want to press charges and the woman walked away free.

Thankfully enough, this case didn’t go as far as expected. Both sides of the parties deserved the justice that had to be implemented.

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